Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Solid Weekend

What a great weekend!  I started off Saturday morning at 7:30 with the goal of riding until 5:30 in the evening.  Mileage wasn't important but the hours were.  I wanted to see what starts hurting after a long time in the saddle so I know what to expect when I am riding for 12+ hours in the Mojave Desert.
I was joined for part of the ride by a couple friends who weren't afraid of the early morning temps and thick fog we found ourselves riding in and out of for the first few hours.
The route took us on several of my favorite roads.  Climbing/descending Antioch Rd is always fun no matter which direction you choose.  This time we dropped out onto Evan's Creek Rd (definitely one of the most scenic rides in the area).  Despite my trying to work on pacing myself for the long haul, my friend and I dropped the hammer for the 20ish miles to Rogue River with just a couple minute break at the Wimer Covered Bridge to shed jackets.
Ten miles later I was on my own as my cohort something better to do with his life than ride all day with me.  He left me with 4 hours to go, but I still felt pretty good.  However,  I backed off the pace a little and tried to save something for the small but substantial climbs I had ahead of me.  It didn't help.  By the time I hit Dark Hollow, my legs had 110 miles and what felt like jelly in them.  
Fortunately, around mile 120, I got a second wind and managed to lay down a 19 mph average all the way home, finishing just past5:30 with 141 miles. 
I think I'm gonna try 12 hours in a couple weeks.
But, enough about pain and suffering.....Sunday, although I felt like resting and being lazy, the sunny skies and new Grammo Toa were calling to me.  After stuffing my face with some not so healthy Chinese take out, I knew I had to ride. So I rounded up a couple like-minded souls and we hit the Sterling Mine Ditch trail for some fast paced single track.  The perfect way to end a weekend.
Next up, the Paskenta 100 mile race in Chico on Superbowl Sunday.  
Oh, one last thing.  If any of you give's a rat's a--, you can follow me on Strava - 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adding to the Stable

What's the first thing you do when you get a new racing steed?  Here's a hint:  You don't put it in the stable and let it go to sleep right away!  In my case I headed out for a quick test ride above the thriving metropolis of Medford, OR.

First impressions - It's pretty frickin' dark on Roxy Ann at night when you don't remember your bar mounted light.

First impressions of the bike - It's pretty frickin' awesome!  I had no idea this level of ride even existed!  Ok, that may be euphoria talking.  But, it's incredible none the less.

The Good - Everything a quick 6 mile gravel road ride in the dark could show me about a new bike.
The Bad - I'm at work right now and not riding my new bike.

Thanks to all the fellas at Unreal Cycles and Grammo for putting together such an awesome ride!  I can't wait for this afternoon.